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Michelle Novak

Phone: 587-577-3263

Work Experience

Mimoco, Inc.

Graphic Designer

​2017 - 2020

My tasks include production and post-production work for a company that creates tech products using licensed IP. I've designed products, logos, internal templates for production, packaging, full-scale backdrops and social media pieces. I love this job -- it lets me work with well-known IP and learn new skills with each project


Adobe Illustrator


After Effects


Jayman BUILT

Graphic Designer



This was a 2-month, part-time contract production position ​where I supported the current in-house team using primarily InDesign and Illustrator  in a Windows environment. Accuracy was crucial at this job as customers relied on the printed materials for decision-making.

2010 - present
2010 - present

Bachelor of Design (Graphic Design) with Distinction

Alberta College of Art and Design

​2014 - 2018


I'm done (thank goodness!). It's been a long 4 years, and while I'll miss the instructors and the friends I've made, I'm eager to get out into the real world. While my focus was on Graphic Design, I took a number of illustration classes to indulge my drawing side.

Bachelor of Laws

Queen's University

1997 - 2001


Yes. Law. And I practiced litigation for over decade. I learned some valuable skills including public speaking, critical thought, succinct writing, research and time management. I also learned that I really, really hate family law. What I enjoyed the most about the profession was the research; I love to figure out how companies and their products work. I represented major pipelines, chemical companies, home builders, and many more at various levels of court. Now I can take my love of research into more creative directions.

Bachelor of Arts, English

University of Calgary

1992- 1997


Always leaning towards the creative, my first degree was in English with a Minor in Fine art. This degree helped me learn to love the semicolon.

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